ensure our Girls grow together by sharing experinces and commonalitiesBoys and Girls Club of Charlotte County


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  • Increase the number of Girls Circles in Charlotte County
  • Significant decrease in alcohol use
  • Significant decrease in self harming behaviours
  • Significant increase in attachment to school and community
  • Significant increased feeling of self worth

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We will ensure more Girls have access to Girls Circle. Since Fall 2008,we have served 180 girls. Despite many dedicated hours from our volunteers we have many Girls waiting to participate in a Girls Circle. This grant will help us to meet the demand that we are receiving from Girls, School and Community Agencies.

From these groups, this is some of the feedback we have received:

"That I’m a better more open person, That I can control myself better and I can just take a breather, I’m more social, I found that I can talk to people about any problems or anything, I think I’m a bit funner, That I’m a better person, I’m nicer, I’m not as shy anymore, I feel better about myself."

"You could say whatever without being judged, and what you say stays in the circle, That I could open up, the people I made friends with, I can trust people and they can trust me too, to see different people, you are free to speak your mind"

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: We are committed to our Girls Circle project and will continue to budget $5000 per year to this program. This allotment will allow us to sustain the program but will not enable us to grow and reach more Girls. The above stated numbers ensure we offer more Circles in more locations.
$ 3,000 New Faciliator Training
$ 2,500 Travel Expenses in a large geographical area
$ 2,750 Girls Circle Camp
$ 1,750 Supplies required for new Circles

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