Create an online learning and mentorship program for young farmers. FarmOn Foundation


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  • Build an online learning platform for rural Canadians
  • A contest for 18-30 yr olds with innovative rural/ag business ideas
  • Connect innovative ag entrepreneurs with startup funding
  • Deliver hands on business skills & coaching to young farmers
  • Connect young farmers with mentors and peers online



In Canada $10 Billion in farm assets will change hands to the next generation of farmers in the next 10 yrs, yet only 3% of farms have a documented succession plan.

Canada's rural communities simply can't survive without viable family farms to support their economies.

60% of young farmers work 40hrs/week in addtion to operating their farm, just to make ends meet.

The "Farm Masters" program will deliver online learning workshops to young farmers in a format that fits into their busy lives and gives them the hands on business and financial skills to transform their farms.


  1. We've partnered with industry leading training organizations to capture the best of what's already available.
  2. Cool, short videos will be posted on our site where young farmers can watch them in unison with peers, then discuss and apply what they learned to their own farms.
  3. The project also has other resources like the Perfect Pitch business contest, funding opportunities, mentoring, and more.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Workshop content, presenters, staffing and administrative expenses will mostly be covered by funding and in-kind contributions committed by partner organizations.
$ 40,000 Farm Masters learning platform web development
$ 25,000 Perfect Pitch business competition
$ 20,000 Video production (equipment, travel, etc.)
$ 15,000 Workshop presenters and staffing

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