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  • Through grants and donations create a commercial free arts event
  • Raise the funds needed for the 1st FIGMENT event on Toronto Island
  • Provide seed art grants to as many artists bringing participatory art
  • Provide as many opportunities for emerging artists as possible
  • Lower the barriers to entry for audiences as well as artists: FREE

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FIGMENT originated as an arts event on Governors Island NY, with artwork in every medium, from installation to performance to music to games and many things in between. Now Toronto will be hosting our very own figment project.  

FIGMENT is a grassroots effort, organized and run entirely by volunteers as a gift to our cities. FIGMENT Toronto volunteers will establish a summer event on Toronto Island, committed to producing an annual event and exhibitions at no charge for artists and participants.  From a demographic perspective, our artists and our audience are as diverse as our cities are.


  • Create the 1st annual FIGMENT Toronto event on Toronto Island.
  • Change how residents of our city experience, perceive and create art.
  • Focus on art that is created by a community working in collaboration, art that is created or enhanced by the input of its audience, or art that must be directly engaged with in order to be appreciated.
  • Leave No Trace: cleaner events.

Community Benefit

For various reasons, many city dwellers lack a sense of community. FIGMENT seeks to provide a community-based experience that is open to everyone. With an emphasis on participatory art, FIGMENT encourages connections among audiences and artists. Participatory arts include any works of art that require the interaction of participants, bringing together artists and community members in ways that build relationships and unlock individual creativity. The result is art as dialogue, rather than monologue; this dialogue forms the basis for a collaborative, constructive community. We aim to provide as many opportunities for emerging artists as possible, creating an inclusive and participatory alternative to the high-end gallery scene. FIGMENT invites everyone to participate, regardless of socioeconomic background, age, race, gender, or any other discriminating factor. The main goal is to encourage all artists to make their work as participatory in nature as possible. What are you bringing?

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: FIGMENT Toronto is 100% volunteer run. This grant supports 1st year costs & Art Grant creation for FIGMENT Toronto. Ferry costs are 1st year; we will negotiate with the city for free ferries in the future with economic reports (500 adults @6.50 + 250 child. @4.50 x 2 days = $10,050 in ferry fees)
$ 5,000 Media supporting FIGMENT Toronto Participant Education & Information
$ 15,000 Volunteer, planning, logistics support and material; not salaries
$ 10,000 Government permits and event insurance
$ 10,000 Mandated support and logistics by city parks and recreation and police
$ 10,000 1st year costs to make the Toronto Island Ferry free for min 2 days
$ 20,000 1st Annual FIGMENT Toronto Art Grants to support participating artists
$ 30,000 Creation and Seeding of the FIGMENT Toronto Art Grant Fund

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