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  • To connect EVERYONE to a computer so no one is left behind


In the past 5 years social media has exploded and shrunk our world. We now connect live with anyone in the world for free by pushing a few buttons. This has provided us opportunities that many of us take for granted. Yet as connected as we are, those without computer access are being rapidly left behind.

W.H.E.R.E. will as be the missing link between an area of great abundance and one of dire need.

ABUNDANCE: Technology changes quickly. Almost everyone in the middle and upper classes buys a new computer every few years. We all have old obsolete computers laying around that work (so we don't throw them away) and yet they are obsolete compared to newer models and are of no use to us anymore. WHERE will collect them and put them to use!

NEED: Many poor do cannot take advantage of social media and online opportunities because they don't have computer access. WHERE will not only provide computers, but also install software aimed at social benefit, education, and beating poverty. 

Community Benefit

WHERE will develop an education software custom tailored to address the root causes of poverty today. Users will develop a profile of why they are impoverished and this software will have courses to walk them through the steps to help set them free. Online connectivity will give users access to support services, and all the things that most of us take for granted such as job posting websites and support groups for things such as drug and alcohol addiction. We all benefit from this project because when people break the poverty cycle they begin to positively contribute to society instead of negatively drawing from it. Lives will be REFRESHED!!

How will the $100K be used?

$ 25,000 marketing/promoting awareness for laptop and money collections
$ 25,000 Education software development
$ 20,000 Computer debugging, maintenance, install costs
$ 15,000 Internet access costs
$ 15,000 Other overhead expenses

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