Concerts for cures. One CANADIAN city,voluntary organization at a timeRonald Bedard/ Shiny wizard's


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proposal is to seek and aid charitable organizations in searching for cures to life threatening illnesses. By fundraising, scouting out and utilizing the help of volunteers that are willing in donate there time, also to operate by taking care of travel musical talents and marketing, wisdom gained through various avenues of this occupation, mainly from the entertainment sector to propose, lead a renaissance and beginning My journey into concert promotions by concentrating efforts in detailed concert marketing. I am focused on aiding one charity at a time, with each new live event in every city in CANADA! The funds will be raised trough live concert ticket sales to generate the funds towards the help in research for cures to each charity. Such charities are but no limited to Multiple sclerosis Society of CANADA, Cancer society, Make- a -Wish Foundation, HIV/AIDS researc, but to name a few. The main objective is to entertain while trying to give hope t thoe who are struggling .......

Community Benefit

It will Aid each charitable chapters of CANDIAN, Provinces, communities by way of there main sources, which will be the charities main offices, that will disperse readily to there chapters in each CANDIAN city/community, to aid and benefit the organizations research, production.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget is not going to cover prices of Volunteer staff, Gas required, for trips, air fair, accommodations, food for the talent acts.
$ 50,000 To hire talent
$ 40,000 To advertise
$ 10,000 To rent venue

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