Give All Kids A Chance To Have Fun At C.J. Skateboard Park & School!C.J. Skateboard Park & School


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  • Reduce the division between youth and youth with disabilities
  • Help kids building lasting friendships and increase self confidence



We will offer a program that is flexible to the various special needs that kids have. Students will be assessed as they enter the program and will have personalized goals set for them. We will offer private, semi private and group lessons in the hopes that every willing participant will find a perfect place. It is also our hope that students can progress through the different classes as they increase their ability to be autonomous in the sport and as an individual.
While there is a great need for this program there many that cannot afford to enrol, or purchase the equipment to do the sport safely; this is why C.J. Skateboard Park & School offers a granting program. No child who is interested in one of our programs is ever turned away due to financial restraints; we look at each situation on a case by case basis and make accommodations that suit the family’s needs, whether it is giving a child safety equipment or full scholarship. 

Community Benefit

Many kids in the greater Toronto area will benefit from this program along with the many single parents and low income families that have a difficult time finding the money to invest in extra curricular activities for their children. Activities that cater to special needs children typically are even more expensive than general programs, which is why there is such a need for our granting program to be put in place. The community will also benefit from our volunteers being a part of our new program. They will learn leadership skills, how to communicate effectively and how to respect and appreciate differences in people.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 15,000 Portable ramps - to allow for a more graduated learning curve
$ 10,000 Covered trailer - to transport the ramps to community events
$ 2,500 Safety equipment - to ensure that safety is kept as a high priority
$ 35,000 Program coordinator - to facilitate the program efficiently
$ 2,500 Training - for staff and volunteers
$ 35,000 Granting program funds - to support families

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