Impliment Breast-Rest to imobilize breast during radiation treatment. The Breast-Rest Company


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  • To provide Breast-Rests to partnered hospitals to begin studies.
  • To initiate marketing plan into medical and health industry.
  • To advertise and promote in medical & health industry

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Beginning with teenage girls sleeping with bras to women recieving radiation treatment for breast cancer, this project will forever change the way women care for their breasts by promoting healthy breasts.  The Breast-Rest is the first ever Bra Alternative that has interchangeable styles allowing full comfort and support without restriction allowing circulation and natural healing to occur.  This project will provide women with comfort and dignity while recieving radiation treatment and for healing days to follow.  Presently, there are no such device or immobilization garments provided for women during treatment.  There is a great need and demand since the breasts are soft tissue and difficult to immobilize during treatment.  

There are several medical trade shows in the fall we will attend to present to distributors, sales reps and hospital professionals.    

Community Benefit

Our company and product has been involved with The Breast Cancer community for several years. We continue to encourage and promote breast health to women of all ages. We also are partners with Look Good Feel Better, a program that suports and empowers women with cancer.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover personal expences. The goal is to use this budget to market and promote The Breast-Rest into the medical industry, specifically women with breast cancer receiving radiation across Canada.
$ 3,600 provide 1st hospital with samples for study
$ 20,000 20 sales rep sample packs medical industry
$ 20,000 Trade Show promotion
$ 10,000 research and documenting for medical use
$ 5,000 marketing and promoting in medical publications
$ 5,000 production adjustments
$ 10,000 intial production
$ 20,000 on line marketing
$ 3,000 Medical device license- to allow for insurance converage
$ 3,400 miscellaneous

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