Creation of a skatepark for youth developmentMaison de Jeunes de Dieppe Inc.


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  • Build a concrete add-on to our BMX park 100% built in wood
  • Provide a skatepark to the kids of Dieppe
  • Reduce the crime rate in the 12 to 18 age group

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In addition to the potential improvement of the general community health, the development of a skate park will increase the participation of kids in the municipal administration and in the decision-making process. In turn, this will contribute to help administrative bodies improve their skills related to working with kids in the framework of the decision-making processes and designing of public spaces. By integrating kids to the decision-making process of the municipality, we contribute to the development of their leadership skills.

Kids can also learn team work and organization skills, and even wood working skills by helping in the construction of modular ramps.

Community Benefit

The projected skate park would be a unique concept in New-Brunswick and its mission would be the promotion of physical activity for the kids and teens of Dieppe and its surroundings. In addition, it would be a safe and positive environment for the development of social abilities, and kids and teens could spend their leisure time doing an activity they love that will strengthen their self-esteem.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Given the scope of our project, we need to implement it in three phases. The location of the skate park requires quite an amount of work because of the rugged terrain. The funds included in the budget estimate will be assigned to phase 2 of the project.
$ 6,205 Development and hardening of the soil
$ 66,555 Prepare the location for laying concrete
$ 21,740 Prepare the field for draining
$ 5,500 Electrical installations

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