Get a fully-equipped Food Relief truck to provide meals to the needy. The Children’s Network (Not-for-Profit No. 1810455)


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  • To acquire a fully equipped food relief truck––hot meals on the spot.
  • To have educational seminars running throughout the school system.
  • Year-end school expo to see what kid wins for best green idea/project.

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To educate about proper diet and nutrition, right down to the roots and soil, with seminars, horticulture and cooking classes. Revamping the school lunch program to provide only healthy choices for our kids, like what Jamie Oliver is spearheading in England and the USA. The Food For Life truck will directly benefit the community by providing fresh hot nutritious meals to those in need, catering and bringing meals to the less abled, with a route system. This will greatly ease the stress of the physically challenged. It's hard enough trying to get a good nutritious meal nowadays even without mobility issues.

Community Benefit

Main benefits: Directly feeding those in need. Education to eliminate the problem altogether. The growth of gardens, green projects and ideas. The education agenda and revamping of the school lunch program will directly benefit schools and kids throughout all of Canada. The Food for Life truck will benefit a more targeted area to start, namely throughout Durham Region/GTA. The Children’s Network is based in Oshawa, Ontario. However, with future expansion more and more areas throughout Ontario and eventually throughout Canada will benefit.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Administrative costs or any administrative salaries will not be covered.
$ 60,000 To purchase the fully equipped, state-of-the-art Food for Life truck.
$ 10,000 Insurance, licensing, fuel and oils, maintenance, repairs.
$ 30,000 Food, cooking supplies, equipment.

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