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The Free Flow Fan

The Free Flow Fan was created to solve the problem of humidity and air stillness during the summer months in downtown Toronto.  This fan is designed as an alternative to air conditioning.

A large number of buildings and houses in the downtown core are limited in electrical outlets and their windows cannot accommodate traditional air conditioners.  The Free Flow Fan is solar powered with battery backup, so there is no plug required.  In addition, the fan is adjustable and will fit most windows; it can be easily removed for cleaning and storage. 

The Free Flow Fan’s modern design does not look like any other fan because of its stylized fan guard inspired by the statues of Easter Island.  If brought to market the Free Flow Fan will be ideal for consumers who are concerned about the environment and the detrimental effects of the Freon used in air conditioning.  The Free Flow Fan is a safe and economic alternative for cooling the air.

Community Benefit

It is an alternative to air conditioning so people that live in older building don`t have to suffer during the summer months. In addition to economical benefits, the Free Flow Fan will be better for our planet.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 15,000 proto type
$ 85,000 manufacturing

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