Sponsor & Inspire New Media Art! 6 months 13 artists 13 shows @ G1313!Gallery 1313


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  • Support and encourage new media art creation by emerging artists
  • Offer employment experience to two arts professionals
  • Engage the community with artist talks and an artist led workshop
  • Attain media, public attention to G1313, Parkdale and Toronto
  • Bolster the gallery's programming in it's 13th anniversary year

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Thirteen by Thirteen will offer 13 emerging new media artists the chance to exhibit their work for a 26 week, 6 month period during G1313's 13th anniversary.

The running theme of the exhibits will be "the influence of the arts"

Juried by a notable curator and exhibits will be critically discussed in a booklet, free to attendees. Artists will receive exhibition and speaker series royalties, admission free. A hands-on artist workshop will be offered based on art creation/influence. Technology would be available for the exhibits-not rented from an outside source and would be available for furture exhibits at G1313.

An emerging curator will be hired to learn about the creation of exhibits and community outreach and an emerging graphic designer will expand his/her portfolio. Marketing will bring over 500 visitors to the exhibits/speaker series.

Thirteen by Thirteen will inform, educate, entertain and foster creativity. It will capture all that G1313 offers now and for many years to come!

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Royalties are determined by CARFAC standards (Canadian Artists Representation union) Intern volunteers will assist with project. Board member will complete documentation of project. Does not include gallery sitting fees.
$ 7,800 Rental of gallery space, 13 weeks x $600
$ 6,600 Royalties to artists, curator for exhibits, speaker series
$ 3,900 Hire of emerging curator for 30 weeks
$ 2,000 Technology for use in exhibits, plinth creation, painting
$ 1,000 Hire of emerging graphic designer
$ 650 Creation, printing of booklet on the 13 exhibits
$ 2,400 Marketing for 6 months, banner for gallery, ads
$ 650 Artist workshop including material costs and artist fee

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