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  • Production of a show for young teenagers
  • A minimum of 50 performances in Quebec and Canada
  • Handing-out of 1,000 free tickets to underprivileged teens
  • Raising a minimum of $25,000 in donations

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Superpop is an art project and a recipient of the CALQ production scholarship. Superpop is a solo and interdisciplinary (circus, dance, acting, video) performing company with a contemporary aesthetic approach and a very physical, humorous and musical type of performance. The play takes a critical look at our dependency on the admiration and recognition of others and it seeks to inspire young people by bringing up a topic that affects us all. As such, the performance will deliver a message, a reflection and an invitation to inward acceptance.

- Minimum 50 performances across Canada

- Giving out of 1,000 free tickets – minimum - to underprivileged teenagers

-$ 40,000 in donations from private donors

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The production will benefit from the work of six artists who will work on lighting design, media, costumes, music, acting form and theatrical design. There will also be costs related to promotion and marketing. These costs will not cover the rental of premises.
$ 10,000 Fees for collaborating artists
$ 10,000 Expenses related to the construction of the set and acquisition of a projector
$ 5,000 promotion

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