Building a Straw Bale Greenhouse 4 Year Round Food ProductionGrand Forks & Boundary Regional Agricultural Society


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  • To build a 10' x 10' greenhouse using straw bales, glass, and wood.
  • To grow food all year.
  • To contribute to the agricultural community identity and spirit.

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To build a straw bale greenhouse to grow greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lots of other yummy warm weather plants. The greenhouse will be built using straw bales to take advantage of the great insulative value of straw. The structure will have two straw bale walls and the other two wood and glass. According to the city building department no permits are required for a 10' x 10' greenhouse, so this will be the inside dimensions. To receive optimal year-round sun in our area the glass on the south facing wall is at a 40 degree angle. At the building site there is plenty of morning sun and not much evening sun so we opted to have our east side be glass and our west side be straw bale.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover any costs for labour, drawing a detailed design, or developing a plan of attack.
$ 1,150 Lumber
$ 640 Windows and door
$ 264 Straw bales
$ 745 Roofing materials
$ 290 Machinery rentals
$ 500 Hardware - nails, bolts, stakes, etc.
$ 515 Concrete, gravel, sand, clay, etc.
$ 154 Stain and Sealant
$ 365 Foundation forms and retaining wall
$ 200 Miscellaneous

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