turn $3 billion of Canada's unused gift cards into fundraising dollarsGiftcards For Causes


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  • Turn $15 million (0.5%) of the $3B unused gift cards into donations
  • Provide charities and non-profit groups with a new way to raise funds
  • Provide consumers and corporations with an innovative way to donate
  • Encourage retailers to be more socially responsible


There's over $3 billion in unused, unwanted and partially used gift cards in Canada! That's a lot of money sitting in drawers, purses and wallets...

Imagine turning only 0.5% ($15 million) of that $3 billion into finding the cure, aiding diaster relief, supporting schools and sports teams, community organizations and much more.

Through our Card Collection Program, we provide charities/non-profits with an innovative way to meet and exceed their fundraising goals. We collect these cards via our website or through the organization and, in turn, these cards are resold to customers at a discount with proceeds going back to the charity/non-profit group.

Given today's economy we make it easier for new and existing supporters to donate by giving a gift card instead of cash or writing a check.

Plus if it's a registered charity, supporters will receive a tax receipt for 100% of the card value.

Community Benefit

- Combine community and commerce by providing a unique donation solution for individuals, corporations and charities. - Allow individuals to give a gift card that has little, or no value to them to an organization where it will make a difference. - Help organizations reach a new type/demographic of supporters within a community. - Increase the corporate social responsibility of a retailer within a community. - Stimulate economic growth within a community by re-selling these unwanted gift cards to shoppers who will use them.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget does not include expenses, which Giftcards for Causes will cover, including: - Office Space and Supplies - Staff - Computers and Technology Requirements - Telephones - Web-Hosting
$ 85,000 Purchase Initial Gift Card Inventory from Charities/Non-Profit Groups
$ 5,000 Trade Show Booths at Several Events/Conferences Geared To Charities
$ 7,500 Marketing; PR, Brochures, Web Promotion
$ 2,500 Website Development

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