Open a retail store selling environmentally friendly consumer goods.Kevin and Ryan


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  • To open a retail store selling environmentally friendly consumer goods


Our plan is to open a small retail store selling many different types of consumer goods, ranging from toiletries, to household items, going so far as to support and sell organically grown and chemical free foods. We hope to benefit our community by making these goods more accessible for those people who wish to help the environment in this way. Our long term goal is to eventually open up more stores, following the same guidelines of selling only sustainable and ecologically friendly goods, all across Canada. By doing so we hope to increase the popularity of these goods on the retail market, and in the long run decrease the carbon foot print we are currently leaving upon mother earth.

Community Benefit

This will help our community by creating jobs, as well as by making environmentally products more accessible for the general population, thereby helping the whole world from an environmental stand point.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 5,000 Marketing
$ 45,000 Retail space
$ 10,000 Store lay out and setup
$ 40,000 Purchasing of initial products

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