The Unité d’Intervention Médicale à Moto du Québec (Quebec motorcycle medical intervention unit), an innovative service.Unité d'Intervention Médicale à Moto du Québec (UIMMQ)


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  • Establish a structure founded on motorcycle medical intervention
  • Judicious collaboration with the public health system
  • Provide a presence during events (popular, sports, festive events)
  • Intervene in medical emergencies
  • Become a reference with respect to security

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A unique visionary and innovative service

The goal: Motorcycles becoming a working tool in emergency care during popular or mass events i.e. festivals, hiking and/or cycle racing. These services already exists in different European countries, such as Holland and Hungary, and we want to implement them here, in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, through the creation of the UIMMQ. Motorcycle interventions should be recognized as an emergency service that allows easier access to remote and difficult to access regions, as a way to provide medical help to victims of accidents and to save lives. The UIMMQ team counts on health professionals i.e. PR, paramedic, clinical nurse, doctor, emergency doctor who believe in the project while pursuing their work in the health sector. A UIMMQ presence ensures a quick and professional medical intervention!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The motorcycle medical intervention unit service can cover the whole of the province of Quebec, according to the needs. The interventions can also by used int the context of patrols and by paramedics in urban areas. In the future, the model can be exported to other parts of Canada and beyond.
$ 100,000 Acquisition of new intervention motorcycles

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