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  • To Create a Safe Place for Youth to Hang Out

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Headspace is a fully equipped, mobile unit resourced with items that will enhance Aspen's Youth Matters Progrma and it's outreach abilities. The primary goal is to increase the positive activities, support and leadership opportunities for youth in the community.

The Youth Matters Program focuses on providing programming for youth during the “critical hours” between 3pm and 6pm. These times are when youth are not in school and less likely to be supervised by parents who are working. This three-hour period is critical for youth because of the potential for making poor decisions that can result in accident, injury or crime.

Headspace will also provide Calgary at-risk youth a subtle and appropriate introduction to the many other programs Aspen can offer when needed.
- support in situations of homelessness and providing
- other basic needs, as well as employable skills, life skills, and for young parents, parenting skills.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 Supporting and Operational Costs

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