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build a fully-inclusive playground uniting children of all abilitiesAmherstburg Community Foundation


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  • To build a universally accessible playground
  • To unite children of all abilities in a safe, barrier-free environment

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The new universally accessible playground will be located at the new United Communities Credit Union Complex alongside the Amherstburg Miracle Field - Canada’s first Miracle League Baseball Diamond for persons with special needs.

The playground will:

  • invite children of all abilities to play, spend time together, and celebrate their differences in a safe, barrier-free environment;
  • provide children with opportunities to develop self esteem, dignity, respect, and tolerance for one another; and
  • encourage activities that enhance the development of every child.

Stimulating sight, sound and imagination; the fully-inclusive playground will provide exciting themed play experiences; and unite our community in our pursuit of recreational innovation and excellence.

The playground could be comprised of:

  • Nature-inspired rock climbers
  • Accessible Log Slides
  • Flower Power Shaded Look-Out Spot
  • Sensory Play Discovery Wall

Community Benefit

Community benefits include: * A dynamic, exciting new barrier-free playground alongside the Amherstburg Miracle Field. * The creation of exciting and inspiring play experiences while honouring our environment. * A fully-inclusive playground that stimulates sight, sound, and imagination. * A playground that engages all children in healthy, physically active outdoor play. * A playground that includes a myriad of sensory-rich activities. * Improved physical, emotional and social development of all children, through play. * Enhanced level of inclusive play brings children together to help build confidence, make friends and play as equals. * The emotional benefits of play include enjoyment, fun, and self-expression. * The developmental benefits of play include cognitive; affective; social; physical; attentional; and language development. * Skills developed through play included increased imagination; creativity; problem solving; reasoning; and expanded social awareness.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover benches, bicycle racks, furniture, tree planting, landscaping and recycle containers.
$ 100,000 To purchase & install a universally accessible playground

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