provide social and educational skills to disabled people in poverty.KathrynBell


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  • Social and educational opportunities for the disabled Parkinson's
  • Help and Social Assistance to start one's own business
  • Help and assistance for employment
  • Assistive devices


To give low income disabled social opportunities, such as bus trips, trips to the museum, theater, ballet, concert, etc.
To give low income disabled educational opportunities, such as university courses or college courses, and to help fund computers for disabled people who wish this.
Assistance and support in starting one's own business, or pursuing a career.
Help with necessary assistive devices required for quality everyday living, scooters, etc.

Community Benefit

To help disabled to feel like contributing members of society who can actually make a difference.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: The cost of computers, courses, staff, trips, etc.
$ 5,000 Computer, courses
$ 5,000 staffing, trips

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