Help youth filmmakers make documentary on MANIFESTO hip-hop festival POV Filmmaking Program


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  • To mentor aspiring young artists to become working filmmakers
  • To showcase youth culture and urban culture in a positive light
  • To inspire youth organizations to collaborate on ambitous projects

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"Making of a Movement" is where young filmmakers will work with professional filmmakers to create a feature length documentary. The young filmmakers have completed the POV Filmmaking Program and are now in an advanced Alumni Group, ready to tackle this ambitious project.

The subject of the film will be a youth-led organization, Manifesto Community Projects, and its annual hip hop festival. The heart of the film will celebrate the power of youth culture and the endless potential young people have when they collaborate. The doc will mix behind-the-scenes footage of Manifesto's incredible undertaking of the festival, with footage of the festival itself - including its national breakdance competition, massive art exhibition, and free outdoor concert. The energy and the creativity of the arts events will be used to underscore these characteristics in the individuals who put this festival together and the youth movement at large.  


How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: This project could be done more modestly but POV aims to insert its young filmmakers in the professional world of the film so that they can learn how the industry. We use top production and service companies and ask for their help mentoring and donating services.
$ 7,000 Project Management
$ 25,000 Main Production Unit (professional mentors)
$ 5,000 Second film unit (professional mentors)
$ 5,000 Third film unit (professional mentors)
$ 12,000 Youth Filmmakers (all units combined)
$ 15,000 Editorial and Music licensing
$ 22,000 Equipment
$ 9,000 Promotions, Distribution, and Screenings

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