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An Inhome micro-hydro generator, that will generate enough power to supply the needs of the household - and twice that amount. The surplus is sold to the electrical grid, making enough money for the system to pay for itself.

The household will not be affected anymore by any cuts in electrical service to the home by rolling blackouts, or weather conditions like ice and wind storms. Also, this will not increase the usage of water to run the system, with minimal allowance for evaporation of course. No cost for installation, it is part of the monthly payment received as revenue for the device from the electrical grid.

Electrical infrastructure will become more diversified by being placed in homes, and thus  Local power grids will still be able to operate independently from others, as the source of power is not centralized

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: estimated time to build is approximately 3 months. 50% of the costs will be for materials and equipment; the balance with be for a structural engineer, electrician, plumber and personnel familiar with Hydro Pelton Turbine Generators.
$ 100,000 Build a Working Prototype

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