run a Reading & Writing Program in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.Amanda Grondahl on behalf of "Intrepid Pens" DTES Reading and Writing Program


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  • Continue to offer the program to women in the DTES
  • Grow the program to include men
  • Bring in new speakers, teachers, and writers
  • Create an opportunity for group members to publish their work


Nearly two years ago, with the help of the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, I launched a reading and writing program for women living in the DTES. In the first few months we had just two members. Today, we have up to 20 regular members and the program includes a book club, a creative writing circle, and a professional writing seminar. In the program, some women are reading stories and writing their own for the very first time. Others are learning to heal through writing and help through sharing - on both a personal level and on a community level. And that's important in the DTES where people (women especially) are highly-marginalized, struggling with issues of homelessness, addiciton, disability, and abuse. Within the safe confines of the program they are finding their voices.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: I will continue to facilitate/run the program as a volunteer, and I'm grateful that I'm in a position to do that. So, save for some modest administrative expenses (copying, travel, etc) every penny goes right into the program.
$ 10,000 Books
$ 5,000 Guest speakers, teachers, and writers
$ 5,000 Expand program to include men
$ 5,000 Field trips to inspirational Vancouver locations

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