complete the ring at Island 22 Horse Park & add a natural fence line. Island 22 Equestrian Park Society


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  • To complete the footing in front ring at Island 22 Horse Park
  • To fence in this ring with a natural fenceline
  • To replace the fencing around the parking lot next to this ring
  • To maximize the parks use to benifit all its users
  • To add another safe area for many equine diciplines in the Valley

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In 2009 the Society worked with the FVRD to create the base of a much needed 3rd ring at the park. This ring maximized the parks use and added safety to events that required 3 areas or warm-up zones.

This ring is large enough to host a show or hold at least one dressage ring with a warm-up area. It is also perfectly situated to allow for overflow parking for huge events. It has already been used extensively in 2010 by 5 different users groups even without the proper top footing.

Completing this ring will allow for more user groups to use the park at the same time as well as provide another much needed safe riding ring in the Fraser Valley.

This park may be located in Chilliwack but it is used extensively by equestrians from all over BC and has already contributed to many up and coming riders at the Olympics (2 BC riders), the World Equestrian Games (3 BC Riders) and numerous riders on the international stage.

The park is a fully open training facility with a small drop in fee.

Community Benefit

This ring and park benefit the entire Equestrian Community of BC as well as the local community of Chilliwack. Due to its small drop in fee the local horse community uses the park extensively due to its safe layout and easy to access location. The horse community as a whole in BC uses the park extensively due to its safe layout, open training facility and easy access. Finishing off the third ring allows for many different groups to use the park at the same time during peak times. With safe open gallop areas dwindling this park offers a huge opportunity for many equestrian enthusiasts. The Horse Driving community is very limited in its safe use areas and Isl22 offers them huge opportunities to train, compete and have fun. The park is also used by high school cross country runners, Medieval warriors, local casual evening walkers. The parking lot is often overflowed into the 3rd ring for their larger gatherings. Fisherman use the parking area for overflow parking in peak season.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: We will use donations & funds from our budget to buy the materials needed for the parking lot fenceline.We will need to raise another $3000 to go towards wood treating, fertilizer for the natural fenceline& small material costs. Extensive volunteer labour will be used. Proper volunteer insurance.
$ 12,000 buy specialty footing, grating and leveling of footing
$ 5,000 buying and planting of a natural fenceline
$ 8,000 remove/replace the parking lot fence line (disposal and equipment use)

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