To provide a safe place for at-risk kids to go during Spring Break. The KidSafe Project Society


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  • To run KidSafe at 6 schools during the 2nd week of Spring Break
  • To provide nutrition to 400 hungry children during that time
  • Continuance of care for those who can’t afford care during break time
  • Provide a fun Spring Break with educational and recreational out trips
  • Create safer neighbourhoods through prevention starting with our kids

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KidSafe has been taking care of Vancouver's poorest children, providing them with a place to go with nutrition, recreation, education and care for over 15 years.  We understand that these essential services are provided by schools, but disappear when schools close for holidays.  During the winter, spring and summer break times, children in east side neighbourhoods are witnesses and victims of, crime, abuse and gang recruitment.  Current funding shortfalls in the school system have led to increased school closure time, specifically an extra week at Spring Break, that KidSafe does not currently have funding for.  This grant submission can change that.  $25,000 will help KidSafe stay open for that second week of Spring Break.  400 children aged 6 to 12 will have a safe a place to go and food to eat.  Our big idea is to help those families who need it the most, and cultivate a safe community by keeping the school doors open within these neighbourhoods.

Community Benefit

The community benefits from KidSafe in many ways. There is a benefit felt by the direct community we serve, families living in the inner city struggling to feed their children, pay rent and find child care while they work. Their children deserve the chance to be kids and to be kept safe - to play and experience fun programs with focuses in recreation, literacy, science, growing and eating organic food - without having to think constantly about the realities that surround them. The other benefit effecting everyone living in Vancouver is early prevention. Educating and caring for children who face barriers and are living in poverty is the first step in fighting the crime, gang violence and drugs that these neighbourhoods are overrun with. With gang recruiters approaching children as young as 5, we need to provide kids with an attractive alternative to that lifestyle. KidSafe kids look to their schools as their community safe haven. Help us keep their community open all year round.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 4,000 Full day's nutrition for 400 children over week
$ 15,000 1:10 ratio children-staff labour costs
$ 2,000 Program supplies
$ 2,000 Admissions
$ 2,000 Transportation - school buses

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