create a community kitchen with wood burning bake oven in a park.Kitchen In the Park Project Elora


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  • To support 50 volunteers to build a community kitchen.
  • To create a community kitchen where social service programs can occur.
  • To create education about food production for school programs.
  • To build a community kitchen where social enterprise can occur.

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The KIPPelora community kitchen will include a food preparation area and two woodburning ovens. The community kitchen will be located in a central park area, a shared space that is not being utilized to its greatest potential. The community build itself is an exciting project, drawing upon a variety of skills, contributions, and capacities of the larger community. This community build also provides valuable skills development opportunities, with building in general, and building an outdoor bake oven in particular.

The community will be activated to work collectively on a project that will serve the community in an ongoing manner, with programming, community events, access to a community commodity and strong connections to the Farmer's Market, slated to be held in the same park area. Our not-for-profit  has already received support and a land lease agreement from the municipal council. Local media outlets provide consistent support for our activites.

Community Benefit

The community will be activated to work collectively on a project that will be of ongoing benefit to the larger community of Centre Wellington. Active citizenship will occur as community members come together to organize, resource and then build a shared community kitchen space with two wood burning ovens. The capacity building that will occur as we draw in the abilities of a large number of local volunteers will 1) create important connections among community members, 2) will inspire ongoing shared space activities, and 3) will create a community-based structure that will instill a great sense of community pride. The structure itself will become the site of ongoing community-based activities that will draw in social support services, schools, local social enterprise initiatives, local events and the participation of visitors.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover the labour costs of this project, as all of the community member builders have committed to volunteering their time to build our outdoor community kitchen.
$ 25,000 All materials, insurance, baking equipment, storage, brickoven(s)

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