A service to help families of children with developmental disorders SAFEDD


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  • Intervene with families before even getting a diagnosis
  • Serving the Greater Montreal region and its surroundings.
  • Develop a network of workers trained by experts.


SAFEDD's mission is to meet the growing needs of families with children or adolescents with developmental disorders. Few services are available to these families and we aim to compensate for the lack of support. That's why we offer a home respite service allowing families to take time for themselves and go about their own businesses while a participant comes out to their home to look after their child's needs. SAFEDD also offers academic support to children with developmental disorder. All workers are expertly trained and supervised by the coordinators of the project. SAFEDD also provides toys and instructional materials, free of charge.

Community Benefit

SAFEDD meets the critical needs of families with children with developmental disorders.While various problems have been rising steadily, there are few resources available to help them overcome the difficulties that disrupt their daily lives. Our services are easily accessible and are offered at a low cost by qualified workers trained by expert psychologists.SAFEDD also provides academic support services to children who are struggling to adapt to the school demands. We also provide a rental service for equipment and toys free of charge.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 2,500 Promotion of SAFEDO's services
$ 1,500 Workers' recruitment and training by experts.
$ 10,000 Request for a for a room at the UQAM
$ 10,000 Creating a toy and instructional material center
$ 1,000 Administration expenses

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