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  • Patrol 3,000+ metres of shoreline.
  • Reveal the culture, history and beauty of your beach.
  • Survey 100 beaches.
  • Reduce pollution at the most contaminated beaches.

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Save Your Beach is a mission to improve water quality and habitat at beaches in the Lake Ontario watershed. Ranging from Niagara to Kingston to Haliburton and all points in between, Save Your Beach is a monumental undertaking to protect what you love.

There are more than 100 beaches in the Lake Ontario watershed. One of those is yours. Your beach is a place for family and friends. It is a place to escape. Your beach belongs to you, to your neighbours, to your community. It is your link to the past. It is part of who you are.

You deserve to know everything about your beach:

  • Is the water clean? 
  • Is it safe to swim? 
  • How do you get there?

We will help. With your votes, we will work hard:

  • Patrolling beaches in more than 30 communities
  • Conducting field investigations
  • Identifying causes of beach postings
  • Developing preservation plans for threatened beaches
  • Broadcasting the culture, history and beauty of your beach

Your place is by the water. Help us get you there.

Community Benefit

Your beach is your connection to life. Your beach is a place for family, friends, history, culture, relaxation, sport, and nature. The Save Your Beach mission benefits you and your nine-million neighbours. It will: - Find solutions to urgent pollution problems - Help you identify safe places to swim - Connect you to your local environment - Strengthen community pride and engagement - Raise awareness of the awesomeness of Ontario beaches - Give you peace of mind

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget will not cover Project Lead, Science Coordinator, drafts of preservation plans, safety training, science training, intern orientation and training, administration costs, materials delivery, or full staff costs.
$ 5,803 Production of Educational Materials
$ 5,736 Site Investigators
$ 2,556 Beach Intern
$ 1,105 Water Sampling and Analysis
$ 2,800 Science Writer
$ 6,000 Water Mileage
$ 1,000 Land Mileage

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