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  • Renovate the third floor to meet members' needs


The Relais la Chaumine has been an alternative resource in mental health for the past 32 years. It helps people who suffers from or have suffered from mental health problems and homelessness. Since the beginning, its mission is to rehabilitate them and keep them in the community by breaking their social isolation and developing their autonomy. In recent years, we have been experiencing a significant increase in customers. During coffee hours, round 40 to 50 people visit the Relais in one evening and we lack space. We have a third floor that cannot be used because it does not meet the standards. The grant would enable us to renovate that floor to meet our members' needs. Go ..Go vote! Thank you.

Community Benefit

We will help more homeless people in the community,including those with mental health problems. The positive result will be a reduction of the number of homeless people in the street. By attending our health agency, they will create a social network that will break their isolation. They will be able to find a place, a hand, a listening ear and workers will be available to support them during their social reintegration. Help us help them. Thank you.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 Renovations to renovate the 3rd floor in order to meet standards.

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