build a recording studio for the youth in our city.Windsor's Youth


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  • to build a studio that youth can use free of charge


The plan is to build a recording studio so that the youth in the city can discover themselves through music. Today, most of the kids are focussed on studying to become nurses or engineers, and that is affecting collaboration in communities. Some of us do NOT want to become nurses or engineers, and there is no area where we can develop our skills or liking of a new industry.

If the studio can be funded and built, we hope that it will help guide our youth and help them discover what it is they want in life.

Community Benefit

This will give youth the opportunity to discover something that they have never been given the opportunity to in our school system. The youth will come together as one and connect with one another, building a stronger connection between youth. Just last year in our city alone, we seized over $4.1 Million in drugs. This is scary because as a youth, we know that drugs in this city is easier to gain access to than alcohol is. By building a recording studio, this will give us a place to record music that we love, do cover songs, and a place to keep us out of trouble.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 15,000 to build the recording studio in one of many vacant buildings TBD
$ 7,000 to advertise our mission and what it is we offer
$ 3,000 to lend towards the production of our music

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