Travelling across Canada on horseback to help peopleChevaliers autours du monde


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The idea of crossing Canada is not a philanthropic drive for glory. It comes from the spirit of altruism. What is meant by altruism is the call for mutual assistance, solidarity and dedication, it is pure and free giving, one that pushes nations beyond the human limit.

Specifically, the 'Knights around the world' project consists of traveling on horseback around the world,dressed as a knight. The project is based on the following goal: first, cross Canada on horseback to help and be of service to others, against accomodation and food. At a later stage, the exploit would be repeated in Europe: from Edinburgh to Jerusalem.

Community Benefit

The goal of this project is to improve our world, nothing more, nothing less. Through solidarity and mutual assistance, it may open new horizons and perhaps make our society more compassionate. By giving to others and leading by example, we hope to awaken the world to a spirit of community and brotherhood. It's a sort of utopia that could emerge and change the face of the world ... or at least give a boost to our humanity, too often threatened by our actions. Together we can change the world! The one for all and everyone, the universe that every individual cherishes. Through this project, we will try to make it even more wonderful and unique!

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover all the contingencies but it would surely help to put the project on the rail!
$ 5,000 Camping and horseback riding equipment
$ 3,000 Specific Riding Equipment
$ 7,000 Veterinary and emergency expenses
$ 3,000 Accomodation costs
$ 3,000 buy a horse
$ 4,000 Community assistance budget

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