engage youth in SW SK be strong, empowered and energized leader.YEP. Southwest Enterprise Region


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  • Engage youth to be strong and energized leaders
  • Amplify the youth voice – Provide a forum for youth to be heard
  • Empower youth to create solutions to challenges and opportunities
  • Strengthen the youth sense of ownership in Southwest Saskatchewan
  • Build a network for youth to build success and be connected


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Step 1: 

The Youth Engagment Project (YEP) foundation is in place.

The Youth in Southwest Saskatchewan have unique ideas and opinions that can make our region a better place for all of us.  They have said they want to be heard. SWER is listening and understands the importance of engaging youth. That is why we identified leadership training as the first step in creating young effectors of change.

Step 2:

YEP needs your support.

With Leadership training already in place SWER recognizes that the youth need to take ownership of future activities. That is why we are now moving to create a youth network, a connection, develop our young people to be strong, empowered and energized leaders. Youth will not only help identify issues and challenges, they will be part of the solution for change.

YEP. Your community. Your future. Build success. Be connected.

Community Benefit

In southwest Saskatchewan, the opportunities or challenges of one community often have direct impacts on another. Combined, Southwest Saskatchewan is one large rural community, built on entrepreneurs, leaders, and volunteers. With an aging population and loss of our youth to urban centres, it is important to our region that we create the belief that home is a good place to be, not just be from. Through the network, YEP will mentor students to help create and encourage the future leaders for our Southwest Community. With the leadership training as the foundation for YEP, the region can expect youth engagement and commitment to the project, students with a keener interest in the “common-cause” and students with an increased sense of self-efficacy, the most notable characteristic of someone who is entrepreneurial.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The network coordinator is a young person, under the age of 35, who is living and working in rural Southwest Saskatchewan. Creation and development of network communication needs may include, but is not limited to the development of a website or forum to facilitate the project.
$ 20,000 Wages for Network Coordinator
$ 5,000 Development of network communication needs

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