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  • Offer the knowledge & tools they need to conquor the issues faced
  • Create a benevolant, responsible, proactive future adult generation
  • Provide a forum where kids safely interact, share and gain praise
  • A place to turn in the time of need; gaining valid, constructive help

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Kidz with a Kause - a website our five kids conceptualized in the hopes of filling a huge "void" that is becoming larger and larger. 

The void of substance and the need to focus on the things that really matter, allowing kids to understand and comprehend the world around them. 

Our mission is to create a more concerned, connected future adult generation that has the tools, knowledge and confidence to be responsible and proactive with the issues they face.

KWAK is a positive, healthy alternative to the constant status updates and viral videos found on the web. We offer the security knowing they are never alone & there is always an alternative in everything they face.

We offer valid, trustworthy associations that will help our visitors in almost anything they are challenged with; socially, globally, personally... All achieved via a large content base, keeping kids interested, engaged & interactive.


Community Benefit

One of the best things about KWAK, the sky is the limit on where and who we will benefit. Although the site is focused towards kids, it is a place that if you are 3 - 103, you will enjoy what we have to offer! Whether you live at the Arctic Circle, the beaches of the Caribbean or our true, north, strong & free; people will "flock" to KWAK. We are genderless, race less, borderless; going beyond reaching just one group of kids or one neighbourhood, more than one community or one school, even beyond our own country. Our gains are immeasurable with how far we can reach. Our goal is to simply be a healthy, positive alternative for all kids; empowering them with the knowledge, helping them face the issues of today and those yet to come.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget doesn't include office space, operating costs etc. As we grow, so will our needs and when the time is right, we build to meet our needs on land we already own. KWAK will continually grow & expand, reaching the milestones that we have set in fullfilling our goals in being a healthy forum.
$ 20,000 equipment, computers, cameras, video
$ 15,000 web content & management
$ 45,000 production, crew,
$ 12,000 research development
$ 8,000 promotion

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