Build a large food dehydrator to make food for food banks.Bill Wilson


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  • to feed the hungry


Small hosehold food deydrators are available and I would want to design and
construct a large dehyrator to handle hundreds of pounds of fruit or vegatables at a time. The dehyrated food would then be stored in depressurized bags where it
could be shipped to where ever the need was greatest. The bags would be  a size
that would do a family for a week. I would need to hire an engineer to design and
construct the dehydrator. It would possible to get farmers to donate and seed
vegatables and orchards to donate fruit to be used. I would hpe that I could get volunteers to operate the dehydrator.

Community Benefit

The project could feed the growing number of homeless and all hungry people in Canada. This could be expanded later to help starving countries of tyhe world.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget would not cover hiring staff if volunteers didn't come forward.
$ 100,000 to designe and construct a large food dehyrator

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