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  • To allow young people to acquire professional skills
  • To foster youth engagement and action
  • To allow young people to break the poverty cycle
  • To allow the population to benefit from an appropriate park
  • To challenge the stereotypes on homeless youth



A project that allows young people in the Portneuf region to take their life into their own hand and take their place in their community. We are presenting this project because we want to help young people and motivate them into taking action. This project will be developed in two phases and it will allow the participants to learn about different skills related to environmental issues. 1- Making residential compost containers and flower bins. Creation of a user's manual, delivery and instructions to the new owners. Advertising and sale.
2- Revitalization of the 'Parc des Berges'. Repair the damages for the summer season and prepare play areas for children. Throughout the project, the participants will have access to workshops with contents linked to their life and needs.

Community Benefit

To provide the region and the community with a park adapted to families and created with sustainable development in mind. To allow young people to put their skills into effect, to develop their full potential and to generate benefits for the community as a whole.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 66,000 Allowance for the participants (33 weeks X 8 youths X 250$)
$ 25,000 Purchasing materials and tools
$ 3,000 Creation of a user's manual, photocopies, distribution and advertising
$ 2,600 Supervision of the project and management costs
$ 3,400 Expenses for activities, transportation

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