To help artists of all genres to create their first projectMarie-Weslaine Bazile


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  • To create a collective creativity center
  • To provide materials of all sorts to member artists
  • To have a show room for exhibits and launchings
  • To give technical support to our members
  • To hold fund raising activities to artists carry out their projects

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1. To give a first chance to emerging artists

2. To support them technically and, to the extent possible, give them all the equipments they need to reach their goal.

3. The Centre  will include studios and a store to showcase and sell the works of our artists.

4. The idea is to promote their talents. Too many talents are wasted and never promoted.

The deliverables:

5. Create a promotional magazine featuring our member artists.

6. Create a website where our member artists can showcase their works and create the  products that will be sold on the site and in the store.

7. Recruit over 200 active members.

8. Hold annual fundraisers to raise a minimum of 30 000$ to continue the project.

9. To approach sponsors or investors and ask them to support our activities and artists.

Community Benefit

There are only positive elements to this project. Each artist we help will be supported and guided in the undertaking of his or her project. It will be even more rewarding for them to see their dreams take shape and materialize before their eyes. The urban community will benefit from the activities organized to entertain them and by the same chance discover new artists from their area. By issuing a journal about unknown artists and by showing photographs of their works, people who read our articles will become familiar with the artists and seek to know more about an artist who has aroused their curiosity. For an artist, the publication or exhibition of their works is priceless. Creativity will be at the forefront. The works of the artists are ready to be presented to the greater public. We will provide the helping hand they require to achieve their goal.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Transportation costs and food
$ 15,000 Rental of a studio, electricity, telephone, internet, maintenance
$ 7,000 Office supplies, computer, software, laying out of the studio
$ 7,000 Publicity, web site, etc.
$ 15,000 Employees (administrative secretary)
$ 5,000 Purchasing of artist supplies, etc.
$ 1,000 Purchasing of artist supplies, etc.
$ 50,000 To promote artists' projects

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