Interactive Whiteboards, computers, books and fitting-out of a SchoolÉcole Laberge


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  • To acquire computer equipment and classroom furnishing.

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The proposed acquisition of interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, computers and library books, are intended to provide Laberge School students with modern quality teaching. Our way forward in this area is limited due to high costs we cannot afford. Therefore we have to rely on partners' support who are willing to kindly make a donation stating clearly and specificaly how the funds will be spent, thus meeting government regulations on the subject.

We want to make places frequented by students; the computer lab and the library, more user-friendly, so that they are relaxing and fun. If the donation allows, we might even acquire a few armchairs, games (ping pong), tables and more appropriate desks.

Community Benefit

Students will benefit from up to date teaching methods which will answer their needs and meet their expectations. In addition, time and resources management will be eased for better learning.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Installation covered by the school board on the condition to accept that they will install them when they are ready and when our turn comes. IT support provided that the purchases comply with the school board procedures.
$ 70,000 21 computer whiteboards and computers (approximately).
$ 3,000 Purchase of wire, support, software for computer whiteboards and computer with the balance of $
$ 1,000 games (500 or 1000)
$ 6,000 books
$ 15,000 various furniture (tables, desks, armchairs, cushions, shelves ...)
$ 4,000 room furnishings, poles with wires etc.lab info / library
$ 1,000 If there is any money left, outdoor picnic tables, benches (or gazebo, covered playgroud ), etc.

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