Strengthen the global community via cross cultural education!30 Takes Thirty


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  • To promote and support diversity.
  • To make this program free to anyone wanting to attend.

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The 30 Takes Thirty project takes place in one of the biggest cultural mosaics in the world, Toronto, ON. Our goal is make sure that we do not become a melting pot, but rather to teach people to respect and appreciate what is different and beautiful about other cultures. Our plan is: 

- To hold weekly classes for students and their parents at local libraries and Loblaws superstores (for kitchen facilities) 

- Bring in guest speakers from whichever locations we are studying at the time to teach us about where they are from. (someone the group can relate to not just someone who looks good on paper. E.g.  A mother, father, recent immigrant)

- To have the full cultural experience by making and tasting foods from these countries;

- To ultimately encourage travel to the places we have studied for the lessons to completely hit home.

Community Benefit

The benefits of this project are huge. Despite how far we have come, the news and recent shows like "What would you do?", show us that we still have much further to go in regards to our perception of certain ethnicities, gender, and sexual preferences. Lack of understanding and ignorance are very harmful and damaging weapons. The best defense for ignorance is knowledge. That is what we want to spread and offer at no cost to people. The benefits of this are immeasurable. Knowledge is not something that can ever be taken away and spreads like wildfire. This program is good for the global community as a whole. Respect for one another and learning that "different" is not bad is something that we all benefit from. We all have something to learn from each other.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Staff (30 Takes Thirty all volunteer)
$ 10,000 Room/Facility Rentals
$ 20,000 Supplies (paper, food, printing, resources)
$ 30,000 Guest speakers
$ 20,000 Cameras, website, ads for awareness
$ 10,000 Showcase events (cultural plays or festival celebrations e.g. Diwali)
$ 10,000 Advertising to create awareness about the program possibly in other pr

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