Music room for teens aged 12-17 La Planke, St-Émile Youth CenterLa PlanKe, Maison des jeunes de St-Émile


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  • Develop the skills of our youth as much as possible
  • Prevent the emergence of problems
  • Offer music lessons
  • Provide a sense of belonging

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We got the idea to create a music room where it would be possible for the kids of St-Émile and its surroundings to create a sense of accomplishment and to allow them to express themselves. All kids of this age need to feel that they have a particular place somewhere, and this is what we want to offer them. Through music, kids can discover their hidden talents, or exploit those they have not always had the opportunity to showcase. Numerous studies have in fact proven that music is a clever way to eradicate negative thoughts and to let loose. We would very much like to start offering this training free of charge for kids as early as next spring. Who knows, a future star could well be among us?!?

Community Benefit

Our main goal is to provide the youth of St-Émile and the surroundings with a dedicated space and musical instruments to allow them to develop a hobby that they love. Some will discover a new passion, others will share it, and some will even get access to courses given by professionals. Many kids are passionate about music but can't afford the instruments or are not allowed to play because of the noise. The team at the St-Émile Youth Center wants to provide them with a free and appropriate space and musical instruments that will boost the development of their creativity.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: We would like to have sound proof walls to allow kids who do not play music to do their homework and go about their activities in a calm atmosphere. This increases the construction costs. We would also like to offer music lessons. This budget does not cover the mentioned expenses.
$ 10,000 Instruments and accessories
$ 15,000 Construction of the room

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