Create a smart phone app to connect youth to local social servicesUnited Way of Perth-Huron, Youth United Council


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  • Develop a smart phone application/website called the “Little Black Boo
  • Increase awareness about local social, health and recreational service
  • Launch an easy to use smart phone application/website to all youth in



The “Little Black Book” (LBB) will be designed to be an easy to use FREE online directory for all youth.  It will contain valuable local information about social, recreational, and health services and opportunities available for youth.  The LBB will be built on an existing database of local social, recreational and health organizations and services. The LBB web/app will be indexed as youth think; it will pose questions, which have practical answers. For exmple:

  • I’d like to get involved in... (examples of search results: sports clubs, art programs, acting programs, volunteering opportunities)
  • I don’t have... (examples of search results: a computer)
  • I want to know more about (examples of search results...quitting smoking, spirituality, sex, pregnancy)

The Council would like to expand the LBB to an online format which would reach students 24/7 via the Internet and/or through a smart phone application.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget is entirely for developing a web-based/smart phone application. We need the assistance of a professional software developer to help us create this project. All of the data for this project exists, now we are now trying to use the data creatively to reach more youth.
$ 10,000 Develop and launch a smart phone app/website designed to assist youth

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