Refurbish ball diamonds to a usable state to encourage participation.Wolseley Recreation Board


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  • Stage 1 - Upgrade the ball diamonds to a usable, appealing state.


Stage 1 of our project is to upgrade our current ball diamonds to make them usable and to encourage our youth and adults to get back in the game
We are planning on:
- Building team dugouts
- Fixing or rebuilding the outfield fences
- Building new bleachers
- Filling in gopher holes and reseeding grass in the outfield and spreading red shale in the infield.
- Build a small secure storage facility (garden shed) where the lime and line markers can be stored.

Community Benefit

Wolseley has not had regular usage of our diamonds for some time now. By doing these upgrades we hope to encourage not only our youth but adults as well to form teams, join a league and play ball. Our community and surrounding rurals have a significant number of youth and the sport of playing ball is more economically viable for most families.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Construction of the permanent concession, construction of bleachers and all items of Stage 2
$ 3,500 Build dugouts, repair/replace outfield fences, etc.
$ 6,500 trench in water/sewer/power service to permanent concession/washroom

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