Purchase a command post for the River Valley Ground Search and Rescue.River Valley Ground Search and Rescue


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  • To raise $100 000 to purchase a new mobile command post.

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We need to replace our current 26 year old RV which serves as our mobile command post. Despite our best efforts, it will not pass the motor vehicle inspection this year. Unfortunately, whether we have a new functional command post or not, people will continue getting lost in the wilderness. Through our "Lost Without You" campaign, we hope to raise sufficient funds to purchase a new SUV and a custom fit response trailer, as well as purchase new and replace obsolete equipment.

A mobile command post is used to house search managers while they dispatch and coordinate search teams while out locating a lost subject(s), and also serves as a headquarter where search team members can come in to warm-up or cool down, depending on the season. Located subjects also benefit from the post when recovering from hypothermia or heat stroke while waiting to be transported to the nearest hospital if need be.

Community Benefit

RVGSAR provides service from Hammond River to Lake Utopia and from the Bay of Fundy to Evandale, spanning 2484 square kilometers. The team also responds to mutual aid requests from other areas in the province and outside NB (ie-the Swiss Air crash in Nova Scotia). RVGSAR also assists police and medical first responders with the extraction of lost and injured individuals from remote locations or difficult terrain, conducts urban search and rescue operations and evacuations, and provides many services in disaster response situations. RVGSAR participates in school and camp programs to build awareness of the need for preparedness when venturing into the woods. Our goal is the safety of all New Brunswickers that might become disoriented and lost in the outdoors. RVGSAR was formed in 1985. Since then, the team has participated in hundreds of search operations and rescued many dozens of lost hikers, campers, hunters, seniors, and children.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: $100,000 will not cover it all. Beyond what is listed above, we will need roughly $2 000 per team member for training (i.e.-wilderness first responder which costs about $1 000 per individual), new radios, gps units, software, etc. We also need to put companies' logo(s) on the SUV and trailer.
$ 70,000 fully equipped 2011 Chevy Suburban
$ 20,000 fully outfitted custom fit response trailer
$ 10,000 VHF & UHF digital and analogue radios, jackets, 1st aid gear, training

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