To improve the environmental quality of a river and its surrounding region.Comité de la rivière La Chaloupe (Zone Bayonne)


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  • To plant 2000 American Elms
  • To make people aware of the river's environment
  • Waterway signage
  • To organize activities on the river ex: canoeing
  • Purchasing of a land to create a park

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The mission of the organization is to plant trees and reintroduce the American Elm, a majestic tree that was once the symbol of our countryside, before the outbreak of a terrible disease that decimated most of them. Better signage of the waterways would provide better information to the area visitors. A cleaning bee of the river surroundings and starting nautical activities are other initiatives that the association wants to undertake in order to bring the river back to life. We need to engage young people, they are our future. Buying a piece of land to allow people to reach the river would be an accomplishment.

Community Benefit

The main goal is to see the population re-take the river and its territory. Through awareness-raising initiatives, people will learn to enjoy nature. The beauty of a territory can be a source of pride for a region. Recreating a symbol of the old times countryside by reintroducing the American Elm. We also need to change the perception that rivers are polluted. A waterway is a living space and we all benefit by exploring and understanding it. This will lead to people minimizing their footprint. A healthy region implies healthy people. Discovering a region can also be done through the practice of walking, snowshoeing, skiing, canoeing and kayaking. We hope to transform the river and its territory into a green area where active people will have access to the beautiful landscape. The river has a history, beauty and it offers great activities and we want to share it all.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: If there's any money left, we will invest it in the purchase of the land and in the related costs.
$ 20,000 Purchasing of trees for planting
$ 45,000 Purchasing of land for a riverside park
$ 15,000 Activities and awareness-raising
$ 20,000 Waterways signage

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