help in the expansion of our local librarythe Stirling-rawdon public library


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  • our main goal is to raise money to help provide new programs


Our local library needs some money to help to provide new programs.We are a community of about 2000 people and the need for the library have increased.We try to raise money for programs but the need is so great it can be hard.As we raise funds it allows the library to not only get to implement new programs such as a special youth events in helping to promote literacy.Our goal is to raise money to expand  our current location. We would like to be able to get more books that are popular for all ages.

Community Benefit

the benefit to the community is that it would provide access to computers and new bestseller books to those who do not have access to them.It would allow the library staff to deliver books to those who cannot get out to pickup books.It helps to promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: daily operational costs such as hydro,heat,salaries
$ 5,000 purchasing more computers
$ 10,000 audio and large print books for those needing those services
$ 10,000 making the library become more enviromentally friendly

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