Rebuilding an energy efficient Youth Centre in Anjou Maison de Jeunes d'Anjou


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  • Build an energy efficient building for the Anjou youth
  • Provide community groups with the opportunity to use the premises
  • To better meet the needs of the youth and the general population


This project's main objective is to restore the building occupied by the Anjou Youth Centre. The construction of an energy efficient building  will allow women, children, elderly and young people primarily, to use the new premises for their activities: leisure, recreation, sports and alternative practices promoting overall health.

The activities team welcomes an average of 37 teens every evening. This increase demonstrates  the positive impact of the Youth Centre and exceeds its capacity. Victim of its success and unable to welcome all young people, teenagers are loitering in the neighbourhood parks and public places because of the lack of space the Centre.

Community Benefit

The leisure and recreation activities will increase considerably with the construction of a new Youth Centre. Recreational Cooking workshops, music, arts and culture will be made available to young people and the general population. The Youth Centre relies on its partners and contributors to benefit local families from the project positive spin-offs, such as improving the neighbourhood and quality of life of citizens,starting with 'your leisure time'. The construction of the Youth Centre is the first step towards the Place Chaumont integrated urban revitalization.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Interior Design:$89,000 - Indirect costs: $53.000 - Amenities:$43000
$ 17,000 Site development
$ 45,000 Energy efficient structure
$ 37,000 Furniture and energy efficient facilities

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