grow a world-class performing arts program for youth in Edmonton. Impact Performing Arts Association


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  • Purchase 30 brass instruments
  • Purchase a new marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone
  • To attract 60 more students to our existing programs.

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Project Summary:

Impact Performing Arts serves Metro Edmonton and surrounding communities by providing a world-class performing arts experience. We hope to expand our program offerings to a wider segment of the community and instill our youth with new skills and talents to help them succeed not only in competition, but in life. Our students will be taught to perform entertaining music and provide visual representation of music through choreography and dance.  We hope to expand our service by increasing membership in our programs. To do this, we need to purchase additional musical instruments, and promote public awareness of our programs.


  •  programs serving 80-100 people in our community.
  • Youth empowered to apply the principles of discipline, teamwork, and courage to their daily lives.
  • 30 brass instruments, and new orchestral percussion instruments, including a new xylophone, vibraphone, and marimba.

Community Benefit

Impact offers over 200 hours of instructional time every year for our students in music and dance programs, and we provide them with opportunities to perform in competitions throughout North America. Our programs include sectional music and dance rehearsals, as well full-ensemble lessons. Members enjoy very focused instructional time with specialized instruction. Aside from music education, our programs also incorporate HEROES training, which is a successful youth leadership and self-discovery initiative. The goal of Impact Performing Arts is to provide opportunities for youth to learn team-building, discipline, physical fitness, and we instill positive character traits - to help our members grow into more healthy, well-adjusted adults.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Brass and percussion instruments are to ensure that enough instruments are available for students coming into the program as we continue to expand our organization through awareness efforts.
$ 80,000 Purchase brass and percussion instruments
$ 20,000 Public awareness campaign through traditional and social media outlets

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