Build a warehouse to feed the hungryMoisson Outaouais


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  • Construction of a 10,000 square ft warehouse
  • Helping more than 31,000 people in need
  • 40% of people in need are children
  • Therefore, offer special programs to help families

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The goal of "build a warehouse for Moisson Outaouais” is to get the the necessary tools for the organization to increase its help to the hungry in the Outaouais region. Moisson Outaouais already provides food relief to the region, but we need to improve our infrastructure to do more. More than 31,000 people are in need of food and 12 400 are children. The project will enable Moisson to get more food and help more people. The warehouse will enable the storage and sorting of food to provide and a more balanced aid throughout the year.

  • The Construction of a 10000 square ft warehouse
  • 6800 people assisted to date - reach 15000 within three years and  20000 in 8 years
  • Offer a greater variety of foods
  • Talk about hunger

Community Benefit

The development of the "build a warehouse for Moisson Outaouais" project will allow the region to improve its assistance to those in need in our community. Gatineau being the main city of the region and the fourth largest city in Quebec, we must have an organization that has the necessary tools to help over 31,000 hungry people. Being able to feed oneself every day is a matter of basic human dignity. The community residents will be proud of the assistance they provide to such an absolutely essential project. I also believe that the collective implementation of such a project will help build stronger links among people of the community. We will find a sense of identity through this project and we will be proud to say that we made it together. Fewer people will live in difficult situations and more will benefit from this project.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: It should be noted that the whole project aims at a total budget of $ 1.5 million. Moisson Outaouais aims at collecting additional funds from the business community and other funding sources. A fundraising campaign is currently underway.
$ 75,000 Construction of the Moisson food supply center
$ 15,000 Development of the food sorting area
$ 10,000 Purchase of equipment needed for the sorting

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