Non-Profit Preschool Serving Ottawa for 40 Years Needs a New Facility!Riverside Park Nursery School


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  • To build a modular preschool adjacent to the current rented space

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Since the Riverside Park Nursery School rents space within a local church, their programs require the complete set-up and tear-down of all of the preschool programs, every single day. In addition, demand for spaces has grown, and well as demand for full-day, after-school and summer programming, all of which cannot be met using the current space.

The Riverside Park Nursery School and its volunteer Board of Directors would like to erect a modular building on land leased from the church, adjacent to their current space. This building would be dedicated to meeting the growing community demand for preschool and after-school care. A modular building is less costly, causes less of an environmental impact and can be constructed off-site, thus minimizing program disruption and safety issues.

Community Benefit

A dedicated preschool would meet the demand for preschool spaces, allow expansion to include full-day programs, and provide a potential center for collaboration with other childhood professionals such as speech therapists and investigators of Autism spectrum disorders. The children themselves would benefit from an improved environment that meets the Ontario Day Nursery Act specifications, which the current location does not. All this could be accomplished without moving the school's location, and building on community ties 40 years in the making.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Additional funding will be found to cover the cost of school equipment, landscaping and additional staff time
$ 100,000 Purchase of a modular preschool

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