Build & Share "Memories to Music" across Canada.Alzheimer Society Peel (ASP)


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  • Expand M2M to foster & promote wellness for more people with dementia.
  • Share resources created to enable others to run M2M nationwide.
  • Provide support to individuals & organizations wanting to run M2M.
  • Create a website that will build awareness and showcase M2M.
  • Use the language of music to remind, connect, educate & inspire.

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Project Summary:
The funds would allow the ASP to expand the M2M project beyond Peel region across Canada.  The ASP would create and share new and exisiting resources with Alzheimer chapters and community organizations to initiate programs that support the alarming and increasing number of individual's with dementia. With additional funds, we can offer this visionary program to other community oganizations beyond our current financial imits, time and staff.
- Print 50 Facilitator Guides
- Print 500 brochures
- Print 75 posters
- Share Student Handbooks and Facilitator's Guides with 30 organizations Canada-wide
- Create a website that will register and track M2M projects nationwide
- Pay for Music Therapist to work one day/week on building M2M 
- Provide workshops to train those wanting to run M2M
- Produce 75 promotional DVD's

Community Benefit

Now: one new case of dementia ever 5 minutes; in 30 years: every two minutes. Now: 1.5% of Canadians have dementia; in 30 years: 2.8%. Within the next thirty years dementia costs will exceed $872 billions in healthcare costs. The Rising Tide study commissioned by the Alzheimer Society Canada says that one of the most important ways of reducing this cost is prevention of the disease and early connections of people with dementia to community resources. Early access to support and care delays the onset of symptons and keeps people with dementia at home longer. Keeping people at home reduces care costs and keeps people independent. M2M is a community activity intended to connect families and individuals' within the early stages of dementia to organizations that can offer service and support them throughout their entire journey with dementia. By sharing resources with other communities we are enabling them to connect with those in the early stages of dementia.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Music Therapist Salary includes one day/week spent working on creating resources, promotion, website design, teaching, writing the Facilitator's Guide, etc.
$ 12,000 Salary for the Music Therapist
$ 3,000 Professional Promotional VIdeo
$ 2,000 Printing of pamphlets and posters
$ 1,500 Professionally designed pamphlet
$ 1,500 Publication of 50 Facilitator's GUides
$ 1,000 Provide Workshops
$ 1,000 Producing DVD
$ 1,000 Adobe Acrobat Suite
$ 700 Professionally designed poster
$ 700 Digital camera
$ 600 Mailing costs for resources

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