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  • to create 12 waiting positions for visually impaired individuals
  • To give 10% of proceeds to the Mira and Caecitas Foundations
  • To make the population aware of handicaps through a positive experience
  • to create an area 100% adapted to the functionality of visually impaired waiting staff


In order to sustain the restaurant financially, the concept is divided into 2 spaces:

A white space, brightly lit, will be used for the lunchtime menu and as a greeting and meeting area for the night service.

A dark space, in total obscurity, which will be used to allow our clientele, for the duration of a meal, to 'taste' the universe of a blind person.


Stages to develop the concept:


1- Market study

2- Mobilisation: we benefit from a strong backing by the Institut de readapatation en deficience physique de Quebec (IRDPQ), Sphère Québec and the Mira and Caecitas Foundations

3-The search for partners regarding localisation, the kitchen, training and financing

4- Carrying out of 100% specially adapted plans for visually impaired waiting staff in collaboration with the IRDPQ

Community Benefit

Mobility aids such as seeing eye dogs, the white cane, adapted transport and the GPS facilitate mobility. There are other services which give access to information and enable communications. In spite of these remarkable evolutions and relentless and passionate efforts, we must admit that access to employment remains extremely difficult, even impossible, for 74% of individuals living with visual impairments. The lack of employment is the main obstacle to their social integration. In addition to the limitations caused by the visual deficiency there is isolation due to marginality, low self esteem and a precarious financial situation. This makes the general population aware of visual impairment through a positive experience and allows them to discover the pleasure we may have through the other senses.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 15,500 Adapting the computer station
$ 6,500 Local seeing-eye dogs
$ 3,000 Markers for visually impaired waiting staff

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