One Thousand Good Deeds for Five DollarsAmélie Bellefleur


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  • Make people happy by small gestures
  • Generate a wave of happiness
  • Make people want to make others happy


Why limit oneself to a single cause when it is possible to truly change the world?

Nothing is more delightful than to surprise people by doing something nice for them!

Happy people make others happy in turn. Is not that the basics of a healthy society?

To refresh the world, one must be original and daring. Imagine the possibilities…

Small gestures make a big difference!

There are 1000 good reasons to vote for this idea!


Here are a few suggestions:

-Bring a cool drink to someone who is working outside on a hot day

-Distribute treat bags to kids at the park (And why not to their parents too!)

-Give someone flowers for no particular reason

-Give out tree saplings to beautify new residential developments

-Treat a couple in love to a pair of movie tickets

Possibilities are endless... Just think creatively!

How will the $5K be used?

$ 5,000 One thousand good deeds, for $5

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